Social media has taken over the world in a big way and for sailors it’s a great medium to promote news from both the club and the sailors themselves. It’s free, easy to use and is very effective for communication as it incorporates photos, words and even video content in instant posts.
For the Club Marine Pittwater to Coffs Harbour race social media use works very well as, being so close to shore, phone reception is usually readily available. Taking photos and posting updates while racing gives a much personalised approach to providing the news. It keeps friends and family updated and also the Club. The Marketing and Sailing department can share/post/add anything you send to our media outlets to provide timely news.
Last year’s Coffs race saw a handful of boats take on board the social media communication as a way to keep their followers updated with their racing program. High Anxiety and Komodo used Social Media to keep a digital diary which was posted on their social media pages and their websites to give readers an up – to - date report on their progress in the preparation of the Pittwater to Coffs race.
Why would you do this? First of all, it’s all free! Sailing takes people to some pretty amazing places and the north coast landscapes, warm clear nights and amazing sea life is well worth documenting for others to enjoy.
Preparing for a Cat 2 race is a campaign, getting the right gear, doing to the right training and all the other “stuff” involved takes time and preparation. Starting a social media campaign to compliment a sailing campaign can be very beneficial to you and your team.
Social media covers a huge umbrella of different sites each with their own unique way of socialising, a good all-round site is Facebook, it’s user friendly, easy to use and almost everyone is starting to use it. If you already have a Facebook page, it’s easy to create a “Page” for your racing campaign. Creating a “Page” is different to a Facebook user account. A “Page” is a lot less personal and people can simply “Like” it and be connected to it rather than having to send friend requests. Going through sending friend requests is a longer process and is less effective. Having a “Page” can also provide statical data showing how effective your posts are and who is viewing your page. It’s pretty cool having a potential global audience.
Another good aspect of social media, it can work very well as a communication tool internally with your team. You are able to create group conversations for your team. In short, in these groups which you create you send a message to thewhole team in an instant. Photos, videos and text can be uploaded into these group messages. With everyone being in the loop of communication it can prevent some team members missing out on vital information.
Creating a page is simple, go to Facebook Applications tab on the left-hand side of the screen and “Create Page” follow the prompts and your page will be created. The best thing about having a page is that you can have multiple admin managers meaning that the whole team can get involved with adding content to the page.
The Blue Water Point Score Series has already started with the Sydney to Southport race and with the sailing season just around the corner now is the best time to create a social media campaign.
To promote growth for your newly created page, or you need more “Likes” for your page contact This email address is being protected from spambots. You need JavaScript enabled to view it. and I will be happy to help you promote your page via the Club’s pages.
If you want to get more of an idea of what other sailing teams are doing in the social media world you can visit their pages. Below is a small list of Club boat’s Facebook pages.
Ker11.3 Kerazy
H.A Crew
Sydney Komodo
Easy Tiger- Racing
Old School Racing

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Pittwater to Coffs

The Pittwater to Coffs Harbour Yacht Race has developed over its 36 year history, into one of the most popular of all ocean-racing events in Australia.

The race offers competitors a strategic challenge as they race between the surfline and the current, past unsurpassed scenic coastlines, prior to arriving in one of Australia's most popular coastal cities.

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